Banana Skirt

Channel your inner Beyonce and dance yourself to a sizzling shape at our classes that Shape Magazine deems "perfect for anyone who feels like cardio can be instant mood booster and a serious workout."

Selected as one of the "Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017" by Elle UK, Banana Skirt brings a one-of-a-kind dance cardio experience led by a team of ultra energetic, professional dancers. 

Under the motto of "Channel Your Inner Popstar," we offer 4 distinct classes to give you flat abs, lean legs, toned "peach", and soaring energy: 

Beyoncercise and Snatched are calorie-torching HIIT classes that combine heart-pumping signature moves with calisthenic toners.

Ratchet Fitness is a watch & follow class that feels like your best night out, under club lights and a stress-busting playlist. 

Starpop Fitness breaks down the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance while whittling your body and boosting your confidence. 

Designed for all levels, Banana Skirt will make you feel your absolute best while giving you incredible definition and stress relief. This exhilarating workout is your ticket to starting 2018 on the right foot! 

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Inner Popstar! Live your Popstar dreams learning the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance.




Channel your inner popstar today