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Floating Yoga is a vinyasa/flow style yoga practice that helps to build strength and flexability in not only the body but mind and spirit/breath as well. This is an energetic, meditative heat building practice to purify and explore aspects of our being. The sequences are designed to balance our focus on the "journey" and the "destination." Rising above and finding ways around our blockages. The transition from pose to pose could correlate how we arrive and depart from place to place and event to event in life. The sessions are light hearted, full of shenanigans and space to do whatever your body, mind and spirit desire. Unlock the inner teacher, the inner guru in you, as we challenge ourselves in this class linking breath, body and mind.

About Jarrick Browner

Jarrick is a yoga practitioner who shares his journey through his practices by creating common experiences which brings up a discussion in which we can find growth. He's trained in Dharma, Power and is an avid Ashtanga practitioner. Highly influenced by Anime his sessions are lighthearted and full of shenanigans and philosophy of how and why we're doing these poses. Jarrick instructs yoga full time traveling and sharing. He offers weekly classes, private and group sessions workshops and more.

Floating Yoga


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